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27 March HRA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

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March 27, 2021 Meeting Minutes of the High Road Artisans Board of Directors Via ZOOM

  1. Virtual Mtg started at 2:10 pm. Present were Lisa Trujillo-President, Robbie Puskarich, Vice President, Chuck Jones Treasurer, and Irvin Trujillo-Secretary. Suzanne Birrell, Nick Beason, Clodie Francoise. Bill Franke, Lisa Kindley, and Mary Pahl.
  2. Robbie made a motion to approve The January 17 Minutes. Suzanne seconded the motion, a vote was taken, and the motion carried. Nick made a motion to accept the minutes from the January 31 member meeting. Nick said that the minutes should be available to be viewed by members on the HRA website. Irvin said that they would be made available. Those people without access to the web would have to be determined so that the minutes could be mailed to them if they requested.
  3. Lisa gave a Treasurer’s report. As of March 27 the HRA account Balance was $9938.80. She said that invoices were sent to The Northern New Mexico Rio Grande Heritage Area and that we are expecting reimbursement. Chuck said that HRA should hire a CPA to make sure the chart of accounts was legal for a Non-profit Organization. Nick made a motion to hire a CPA to review accounts for HRA. The motion was seconded by Mary. A vote was taken and the motion carried. Chuck said that he would find an accountant in the area who could set up the accounts.
  4. The Board discussed the High Road Studio Tour. The questionnaire sent to previous Tour participants indicated that most people who responded said they would be willing to be part of a Physical Studio Tour. Nick made a motion to have the Tour on the last two weekends of September 17-18 and September 24 and 25 with a physical and a virtual Tour. The motion was seconded by Bill, a vote was taken, and the motion carried.
  5. The Board was concerned over the legal obligations of having the Physical Tour. Nick, Robbie, and Chuck said that they would draft a code of conduct for the Tour participants so that the New Mexico Governor’s public health orders would be followed and HRA would need to have an indemnification waiver release form be signed by all Tour participants. A motion to consult a lawyer over the code of conduct rules for the physical Tour was made by Robbie. The motion was seconded by Suzanne, a vote was taken, and the motion carried Chuck said he would find a lawyer to review and finalize the draft. The final code of conduct requirements would then be included with the Tour application and would require the signature of each participant to be able to be a Tour site.
  1. The Board agreed to have the Tour application approved and sent out by May 1st, with the deadline to apply to the Tour by June 15th.
  2. Nick said that he and Clodie Francois could have the sponsor and advertiser levels and application by April 25th.
  3. The Board agreed to have a downloadable tour site map designed by Jeff Spicer to be made available on the High Road website, High Road Trail app, or a printable map available at each Tour site.
  4. The Board agreed to have a Virtual Studio Tour, perhaps the week before the PhysicalTour.
  5. Chuck, Nick, Chris Morel, and Bill Franke said they would be part of the Publicity Committee for the Virtual and physical Studio Tours.
  6. The Board agreed to allow participants from Nambe and Sipapu to be allowed to join the Tour. The subject of amending the bylaws accordingly would be taken up at a later date. Irvin said he would call Connie Salas to get names of the artists who showed at the High Road Marketplace for possible inclusion on the virtual or physical Studio Tour. The question about where to have community sites other than Ojo Sarco arose and the Board agreed to check on sites in Truchas. Nick said that he would check on the community center in Penasco.
  7. Results obtained from the questionnaire sent to potential tour participants indicated a need for learning to market art with social media. Chuck said that that training tapes could be made and shown on an app currently in development. This app is being made in partnership with New Mexico Arts to offer various marketing help to artists across the state.
  8. The Board scheduled a Zoom meeting with the Trail members on 25 April at 4 pm.
  9. The meeting adjourned at 5:30 pm.

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