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How do I create my HighRoadArtisans.Com account?

Go to the main menu above. Click on the Register tab. Fill in the application.

What is HighRoadArtisans?

The mission of High Road Artisans, a registered New Mexico 501(c)3 corporation, is to enhance the economic viability of the artists and artisans of the rural communities along and near the High Road to Taos in Northern New Mexico.  We work to provide visibility to the long cherished artistic traditions and artworks of High Road residents through educational and promotional opportunities.

Can I invite friends to join

Sure, everybody is welcome to pay their $5 and join in  supporting our wild band of outrageous artists!

If your friends or neighbors are artists who live along the High Road To Taos Scenic Byway, giving them the gift of HRA Membership shows what a true friend you are!

Is my account free?

Almost free. We do charge a one-time $5 fee for a basic membership in High Road, partially to help pay for the cost of keeping this website up to date, and partially to discourage Spam registrations. There are additional optional fees for the HighRoadStudioTour, HighRoadArtTrail, and other HighRoadArtisans events, but participation in these are optional.

Can anyone create an account?

Yep, for only a modest $5 registration fee!

How can I create a post in the forum?

To post in the Forums, first you need to sign up and become a member of HighRoadArtisans, Inc.

How do I earn a badge?

We don't need no stinking badges, but they sure are fun! Sign-up and join the fun!

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