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High Road Art Trail App


High Road Art Trail App

Come on, live a little, take the High Road and see some great art and breathtaking scenery! Its easy with the High Road Art Trail App! Choose Google or Apple.


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High road art trail app

Its so easy and convenient, just download the High Road Art Trails app from Google or Apple, and discover the scenic path to the artists and galleries on the High Road. Read the blogs, use the map and discover why thousands of people follow the High Road!

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High Road Blog

There is so much culture and history on the High Road, and the our blog will give you the details to the broad strokes of the High Road. Find out about the history, the churches, the artists and craftsman. The stories will give you details to flesh out the picture which is the High Road. Enjoy!


Discover the Artists

This years High road Art Tour will surprise and delight you with the unique diversity of this area. The singular beauty of the land is matched perfectly by the artists and craftsmen who live here. The High Road Art Trail app gives you an easy way to discover the artists who inhabit the High Road and enhance its uniqueness!

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