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Most People Aren’t BirrellJones.Gallery Customers, and Never Will Be.

As artists, often the task of being hard working business people selling art is the greatest challenge. I try to find and reach out to people with sophisticated, educated tastes who have the income to support those tastes as I once did, and have the appreciation to realize the brilliance I  used to create each of my unique photographs.

Each of us as self marketers need to develop our ideal target buyers, so we can then develop and refine our methods we use to communicate with them. These are the valuable people worth investing the personal time communicating with to sell your art.

There is an almost limitless market for good art, with our High Road Artisans having some of the best quality and craftsmanship available in the world, at any price. So our mutual goal as High Road Artisans is to discover where our individual markets are, and collectively as friends help our fellow members discover theirs.

Suzanne Birrell and I believe helping our fellow members promoting their work serves to grow the market for all of our works. In believing this, I believe in the collective potential for good in most things art, and I am proud to be judged by the fellow artists who’s company I keep.

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